DOO ESTIMA — is the authorized service center Lombardini in Montenegro (Bar). Our services: service of petrol and diesel engines, sale of spare parts and accessories, assistance for water and mobile service.
«Lombardini Marine» company is a division of the group «Lombardini» (now part of the group «Kohler»), which produces marine diesel engines. The company has more than 80 years of successfully producing diesel engines and more than a third of all small diesel engines for European market. In 1999, it has absorbed the famous factory «Ruggerini», which has been also producing Shui marine diesel engines.

Engines «Lombardini» — not only famous brand, but also high- quality product at nice price. The advantages of the motion-motors and «Lombardini» generators include their compactness, light weight, very low noise and vibration and, therefore high resource. The entire line of sea motors carried on the main plant for the production of diesel engines that leads to the final product of very high quality. High standards of quality and professional level of engine manufacture «Lombardini», intended for operation on water, substantially unattainable for small companies. «LOMBARDINI» — it is a big name and quiet engines.

In addition to the engines for boats and yachts «Lombardini Marine» now pro-produces also marine generators.
Production of diesel engines for generator units is a priority for Group «Kohler». Quality of the sea generators is
internationally known, they are characterized by a compact design, extremely low noise. All generators have a
double circuit cooling system comprising a jacketed stainless steel of the stator. Generators are available in two
types with different speed ranked the motor shaft (1500 and 3000 rev/min), the choice of which depends on
the intended mode of operation. All generators are equipped with sound enclosure with labyrinth seal air inlet to
reduce noise. Allowed long-term work at angles of heel and trim up to 30C, which is particularly important for sailing yachts.