DOO ESTIMA — is the authorized service center for Volvo-Penta in Montenegro (Bar g)

Our services: service of petrol and diesel engines, sale of spare parts and accessories, assistance for water and mobile servis.

We deliver the whole range of marine engines Volvo-Penta, as well the gearboxes, sterndrive, control systems, components and other spare parts. We provide a full range of repair and maintenance service for engines Volvo Penta. Our employees have passed a full course of school education, and are certified spetsialists.

Due to the availability of modern dealer equipment, we can diagnose any engine trouble and make repairs in the shortest terms. The spesialists of DOO Estima undergo regular training in technical system training of Volvo Penta as a dealer and have a constantly updated technical information about the causes of malfunctions and repair features and services provided by Volvo Penta. This information covers all Volvo Penta engines, both new and out of production.