DOO ESTIMA provides repair and restoration of yacht hulls, spars, rigging, stainless steel parts.
We have close maintenance base at the port of Bar and are ready to take care about your yacht at any time day or night.

  • the hull repair works any complicity
  • qualified selection of materials
  • working with main shipyards Beneteau, Jeanneau, Elan
  • design and installation of climate Integrated systems
  • work with any type of covers
  • modern equipment
  • office conveniently located for customers
  • 24 hours support for clients

Main works:

1 lifting up and down of the yacht by travel-lift
2.1. Gelcoat work
2.1.1 Removing of old gelcoat
2.1.2 Surface preparing for the new cover (cleaning with special cleaners)
2.1.3 Application on the prepared surface of the new gelcoat (in 2 layers)
2.1.5 Polishing place with special wax.
2.1.6 Recovery of the gelcoat surface
2.2. Hull repair works
2.2.1 Cleaning and preparation of the damaged surface (removal of damaged sections of fiberglass, cleaning dirty surface preparing for the application of the new layer with special waxes )
2.2.2 Templates production for gluing of damaged area (in case of complex geometries body)
2.2.3 Restoring the damaged hull area with epoxy resins and glass fiber fabrics
2.2.4 Preparation of the restored hull for the gelcoat application
2.3 Stainless steel works
2.4 Teak works
2.4.1 Removing the damaged teak area
2.4.3 Installing or replacing of the damaged area
2.4.4 Recovery of silicone cover
2.4.5 Sanding of teak cover
2.4.6 Covering with the special coats for applying of oil
2.4.7 Application of teak oil
3. Interior works
3.1 Furniture
3.1.3 Turning work (fitting of new furniture)
3.1.4 Polishing works
3.1.5 Repair or replacement of wooden furniture in the interior